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NZ-NEC Symposium Tuesday 21 February

21 February 2017
Photo of three prize winners
Aimee Aitkin, 3rd Prize (Optometry), Muthana Noori, 1st Prize (Optometry), William Cook. 2nd Prize (Ophthalmology)

A number of students received studentships to undertake research projects in the school over the summer. These students have worked tremendously hard on their projects and in addition, recently gave four-minute summaries of their work at an NZ-NEC organised event. The students’ topics covered a range of topics but were uniformly relevant, and their presentations were extremely clear. Our students ultimately took two of the three prizes on offer.

Congratulations to both the prize winners (Muthana Noori, whose project was titled ‘The effect of feedback on measures of visual acuity’, and Aimee Aitken, whose project title was ‘Optical plasticity of the jumping spider eye’), and to the rest of our students who produced excellent work and have developed research skills we trust will be useful in future.