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School Vision Screening Programme

21 July 2015

The School of Optometry and Vision Science operates a school vision screening programme and has been expanding this popular service in 2015.  Students in their final two years of the Bachelor of Optometry degree visit primary and secondary schools with clinical teaching staff (trained optometrists) to provide free vision screening for children.  The parents of those students who do not pass this screening are advised and invited to arrange an appointment for their children to attend the University of Auckland Optometry Clinic for a full vision and eye health examination. This is a win-win situation -  Optometry students gain valuable experience and school children benefit from a  basic vision screening.

 Sonya Lamb, Special Needs Coordinator, has provided favourable feedback on the recent screening at Mount Roskill Primary School.

 “The team came in and over 2 days tested 122 students, most of them Year 1, which in itself would have been tricky.  Finding vision problems in children at such a young age and correcting it before they fall behind in their learning is paramount and is removing a possible barrier to their learning and for that we are grateful.”

 Schools interested in knowing more about the programme should contact the School Screening Coordinator, Julie Bishop at