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New research published on Metamorphopsia

08 December 2014

PhD student Emily Wiecek, Dr. Peter Bex and Professor Steven Dakin published four papers in high-ranking journals in 2014 all on the subject of metamorphopsia. This is a distortion of visual space that leads straight lines to look crooked. Metamorphopsia is particularly associated with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and its presence can be an early indicator of the disease. Their work describes new ways to map these distortions and shows that patients may not notice the tell-tale signs of AMD because their brain learns to ignore the distorted output from the more affected eye.

  • Metamorphopsia and letter recognition. Wiecek E, Dakin SC, Bex P. Journal of Vision. 2014
  • A Statistical Analysis of Metamorphopsia in 7106 Amsler Grids. Wiecek E, Lashkari K, Dakin SC, Bex P. Ophthalmology. 2014
  • Metamorphopsia and interocular suppression in monocular and binocular maculopathy. Wiecek E, Lashkari K, Dakin SC, Bex P. Acta Ophthalmology. 2014
  • Novel Quantitative Assessment of Metamorphopsia in Maculopathy. Wiecek E, Lashkari K, Dakin S, Bex PJ. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2014