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Externship Exchange

18 June 2015
Externship Exchange Student - Phoebe Stanley, University of Melbourne

During their last year of the Auckland Bachelor of Optometry programme students go out on externship for three weeks to experience optometry in the wider community.  Some choose to gain their experience in Australia. 

One of our Auckland students, Benedict Choi, is currently gaining his experience at the University of Melbourne clinic with whom we have an clinical exchange arrangement.

In exchange, Phoebe Stanley, who is in her final year at the University of Melbourne, is currently visiting the University of Auckland Optometry clinic as an extern and has found it a very positive experience.

She writes about her experience below.


“I am currently in my final year of the Doctorate of Optometry at The University of Melbourne. A requirement of our course is to complete a 4-6 week international externship. I chose Auckland University initially because I love the people of New Zealand. Nearly everyone I have met from NZ has had a wicked sense of humour and just a positive vibe about life. Secondly because I knew from reputation how well the student clinic was run. I was also interested in the specialty clinics in particular the contact lenses and exposure to therapeutics at Greenlane.

Honestly, I have not been disappointed. Everyone from the administration staff, acedemic department and optometry students have all welcomed me from the minute I walked in the door. I was given a full and interesting timetable, getting exposure to all the different clinics and opportunities Auckland Optometry offers it's own students. I was also invited to attend special education sessions run for the Auckland students covering Binocular Vision and Ocular Health. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Auckland University and thank everyone that has been involved in the organisation of my time here. I would also like to thank the amazing supervisors that shared their knowledge and expertise with me in the clinic. It has been educational and heaps of fun.”