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Graduation breakfast and prize-giving

17 May 2016

The School of Optometry and Vision Science congratulates the 2015 Part V award recipients




Raymond Harry Hawkins Prize

Awarded for the best project in OPTOM 570

Alexis Ceecee Zhang


New Zealand College of Optometrists (NZCO) Prize

Awarded for the best project presentations in OPTOM 570

1st: Katie Frame

2nd: Alexis Ceecee Zhang


Anna Pritchard Prize for Optical Dispensing

Nouzar Irani


Dean's Medal

Awarded for outstanding contribution to the academic development of the Faculty

Alexis Ceecee Zhang


First in Course Awards:

OPTOM 510 Nouzar Irani

OPTOM 520 Nadeen Kassid

OPTOM 560 Nicola Lim

OPTOM 570 Alexis Cee Zhang


Senior Scholars in Optometry

Alexis Ceecee Zhang

Nicola Lim


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