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CBR Seminar: Voluntary saccadic eye movements ride the rhythm of attention Event as iCalendar


28 July 2016


Venue: Clinical Education Centre - Auckland City Hospital

Host: Centre for Brain Research

Contact email:

Dr Hinze Hogendoorn is an assistant professor in the Department of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and an Honorary Research Associate of the University of Sydney. He is also the Fellow of the Cognitive Neuroscience track at University College Utrecht, the Netherlands. His research focuses on visual time perception, how time is encoded in the brain, and how the brain keeps track of time using involuntary eye movements to measure visual function in adults and children.

Check out his website here

Professor Steven Dakin is the Head of the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Auckland. His research examines how we recognise objects (such as faces or words) in central and peripheral vision and the use of vision in neurodevelopmental disorders (such as autism) and psychiatric illness (such as schizophrenia).


This seminar series is supported by the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand