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School of Optometry and Vision Science

BOptom Schedule of Courses

The Bachelor of Optometry (BOptom) programme has a fixed schedule of courses. When you enrol for any part of the programme, you should enrol for all the courses listed under that part, as shown below.

From 2011, new regulations came into effect. Part I of the BOptom degree now comprises the first year of the BSc Biomedical Science (common year) courses. These are BIOSCI 101, BIOSCI 106, BIOSCI 107, MEDSCI 142, PHYSICS 160, CHEM 110 along with two additional science electives or General Education courses - a total of 8 courses must be taken during this year.

If accepted into the Bachelor of Optometry Part II, each part must normally be completed before the next part may be taken. However a student who has failed to pass one of those parts in its entirety may be allowed, at the discretion of Senate or its representative, to enrol for the course or courses needed to complete that part together with a course(s) towards the next part.

The BOptom degree must be pursued in consecutive semesters. Interrupted study may be resumed only with the approval of, and on conditions set by, Senate or its representative.

Course outlines listing all lecture and laboratory timetables, assessments, required equipment, plus prescribed and recommended textbooks, are issued to all students at the start of the semester.

The degree structure is as follows :

Part III

Sem 1 Sem 2
OPTOM 316A Optometry 30 OPTOM 316B Optometry 30

Principles of Ocular Pharmacology

7.5 OPTOM 345B Principles of Ocular Pharmacology 7.5
OPTOM 353A Ocular Pathology 7.5 OPTOM 353B

Ocular Pathology

OPTOM 375A Visual Science 2 7.5 OPTOM 375B Visual Science 2 7.5
MEDSCI 202 Microbiology and Immunology 15      
Part-III Total Points 67.5 Part-III Total Points 52.5



Part V

Sem 1 Sem 2
OPTOM-510A Advanced Clinical Optometry 1 15 OPTOM-510B Advanced Clinical Optometry 1 15
OPTOM-520A Advanced Clinical Optometry 2 15 OPTOM-520B Advanced Clinical Optometry 2 15
OPTOM-560A Optometry in Practice 15 OPTOM-560B Optometry in Practice 15
OPTOM-570A Research in Advanced Optometric Science 15 OPTOM-570B Research in Advanced Optometric Science 15
Part-V Total Points 60 Part-V Total Points 60