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School of Optometry and Vision Science

Pre-clinical teaching labs

In each module (total of 4) there is one slit lamp microscope fitted with a video camera which will, by later in 2010, be able to record digital video streams for teaching and assessment.

The slit lamp biomicroscopes are either Magnon Zeiss or Haag Streit BQ900.

Each slit lamp has an optical teaching tube and an applanation tonometer.

Each lane is equipped with a Medmont AT-20R computer based visual function testing system.

The teaching laboratory is used for scheduled teaching sessions. For more information see Online Student timetables

The teaching laboratory is available at other arranged times for students to practice clinical procedures in their own time, voluntarily.

  1. Non contact procedures can be practiced when an academic staff member is in the building to take responsibility for safety.
  2. Contact procedures and procedures using diagnostic pharmaceutical agents can be practiced when an academic staff optometrist is available in the laboratory to take responsibility for safety.

The laboratory was established by Laboratory Technician Shannon Leahy, it is maintained currently by Laboratory Manager Bruce Tetley and the IT services are being implemented by Kerry King, Software Developer.