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School of Optometry and Vision Science

Facilities and resources

Computer labs and student support services are available both at Grafton and City Campuses.

In addition to excellent teaching and laboratory facilities, the department operates two Optometry Clinics, one at the Grafton Campus and one at the Tāmaki Campus. These provide an ideal environment for the training of students in their final two years of the Bachelor of Optometry degree.

Students are given the opportunity of not only using the latest optometric equipment, but also gaining hands-on experience in the use of digital photo documentation that is increasingly becoming a standard part of patient examinations and report preparation.

If you would like more information please visit Optometry Clinics.

  • Student Centre

    Information and support on curriculum issues, admission, enrolment, timetabling, examinations, graduation and more.

  • Pre-clinical teaching labs

    The pre-clinical teaching lab is located in Room 2143, Level 1, Building 502, Grafton Campus.

  • The Cyclopean Eye

    The Cyclopean Eye is an online learning tool for Optometry students, covering topics from the anatomy of the eye to dark and light adaptation. (Log in required)