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School of Optometry and Vision Science

Credit and Concessions for BOptom

Credit for previous work may be given as follows.

  1. Transferring from another NZ university.
    a) Students that have successfully completed study equivalent to University of Auckland courses at another university may be granted credit as appropriate, on payment of the prescribed fee. There is a maximum number of courses that may be credited. Contact the department for further nformation.
  2. Previous study at Auckland
    a) Completed qualification:
    Students may apply for cross credits for courses, which are common to both Bachelor of Optometry (BOptom) and another degree, on payment of the prescribed fee. Students will be advised by the department of courses for which cross credit.
    b) Incomplete qualification:
    Students may apply to reassign appropriate courses, which have been satisfactorily completed for one programme of study, to BOptom, on payment of the prescribed fee. Students will be advised by the department of courses, which may be reassigned. Any student admitted with credit who is required to be a full time student, must enrol for a minimum of 90 points over two semesters in one year or 45 points in one semester. A student must pass a total of 600 points (including 30 points in General Education Courses) over the entire BOptom programme to graduate with a BOptom degree.
  3. International Students
    Credit will be assessed and granted at time of application.

For more information please feel free to contact the Auckland International Office:

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For full details please refer to the General Regulations in The University of Auckland Calendar.

For more information on admission and credit regulations see: