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Academic Advisers

Our staff can help you with questions on the Optometry programme and courses.

Year Coordinators

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Part II Coordinator

Dr Monica Acosta

Dr Monica Acosta


Phone:  +64 9 373 7599 ext 86069


Part III Coordinator

Andrew Collins

Dr John Phillips

Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 86073


Part V Coordinator

Associate Professor Rob Jacobs

Dr Wanda Lam

Phone: + 64 9 373 7599 ext 86480


Undergraduate Course Controllers


Course Controller

OPTOM 216 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi / Dr Phil Turnbull
OPTOM 263 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi / Dr Jason Turuwhenua
OPTOM 272 Dr Monica Acosta
OPTOM 316 Melinda Calderwood
OPTOM 345 Dr John Phillips
OPTOM 353 Dr John Phillips
OPTOM 375 Dr Misha Vorobyev
OPTOM 416 Bhav Solanki
OPTOM 430 Dr Wanda Lam
OPTOM 441 Dr Joanna Black
OPTOM 450 Dr Andrew Collins
OPTOM 472 Dr Misha Vorobyev
OPTOM 510 John McLennan
OPTOM 520 Michelle O'Hanlon
OPTOM 560 Dr Geraint Phillips
OPTOM 570 Dr Monica Acosta

General course advice and further information

If you have any questions our Student Centre advisers are available to help. You can email them at, or phone on +64 9 373 7599, extn 84888, or come and see them in person at the Grafton Campus.

Staff and Student Consultative Committee - Student Representatives

Each year students are invited to vote for representatives in week 2. The student reps attend four SSCC meetings with SOVS staff each year.


Student Representatives

Part II Reeya Singh and Daniel Wong
Part III Coco Cui and Cindy Cheukhan
Part IV Aimee Aitken and Muthana Noori
Part V Nick Lee and Melissa Zhu