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Externship and Placement

What is Externship?


All Bachelor of Optometry students undertake a three week attachment to a private practice during the final year of study.  This is important so students gain experience in an environment beyond the University clinic.  They benefit from gaining supervision from optometrists in practice and gain a broader view of optometry.

We are always looking for more practices to host our students on placement or externship. If you are an Optometry practice considering hosting an extern you can find information about the programme in this document.

Information on Externship Training Programme  



Gini Parslow (Virginia)                                           Geraint Phillips    

Practicum Placement Coordinator                           Clinic Director

Phone: +64 9 923 9054                                         Phone: +64 9 923 6503

Email:                           Email:  


Thank you to our 2017 Placement and Externship Hosts

The University of Auckland gratefully acknowledge the participation of practices who are hosting our Part V externs.



In 2015 observational placements were introduced at the start of the year for final year students to gain exposure to community optometry and see how practices operate.  This is in addition to the three week externships that take place later in the year when students see patients under supervision of an optometrist at the host practice.

The University of Auckland thanks all those practices who participated in the new placement programme.